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1/29/2024 2:57:24 PM

As a significant gathering in the field of non-destructive testing in the Far East region, this forum has attracted non-destructive testing experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from around the world. Together, they have engaged in discussions on the latest developments in non-destructive testing technology, aiming to promote cooperation and development within the global non-destructive testing industry.


During this forum, the Breakthrough Award Instrument, established to encourage original inventions, serves as a newly established accolade. Its purpose is to inspire outstanding contributions in the field of original scientific and technological advancements related to non-destructive testing instruments, equipment, materials, components, sensors, probes, fixtures, software, and more. Deyuan's independently developed innovative electromagnetic eddy current ILI tool, characterized by highly integrated design, short length, light weight, and compact size, can be applied to various launching devices (such as pigging valves, non-standard launching devices, etc.), it is able to pass 1.5D bend, and has a wide range of velocities (0.1-8.0m/s). Notably, it has minimal impact on the production of oil and gas pipelines. The ILI tool successfully addresses the challenging issue of internal inspection for small-calibre, low-pressure, low-flow rate pipelines in oil and gas fields, earning it the prestigious Breakthrough Award (Instrument) of 2023 IEEE Far East NDT new technology & application Forum. This recognition is attributed to its outstanding performance and versatile application areas.