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ECP eddy current ILI tool

ECP eddy current ILI tool

1.Internal abnormal defects of pipeline: Metal loss, Weld anomaly, Cracks, Pinhole defects.
2.Girth welds, bends, tees, valves, branch pipes, buttress, flanges, etc.
3.Pipeline deformation detection.
4.Illegal tapping detection.
5.Internal corrosion development trend tracking detection.

Product Specifications

Pipe diameter
Medium requirements
Max temperature
Max pressure
Min Bend radius
1.5D back to back bend
Max deformation
20% OD
Ideal speed range
Driving pressure difference
1 bar
Defect detection ability
Internal corrosion, internal surface cracks, pittings, pinholes deformations, dents, weld anomaly
Feature detection ability
Girth weld, bend, tee, tap, valve, flange
Stress detection ability
Stress concentration areas.
IMU detection
Dependent on requirement
Geometric diameter measurement
Dependent on requirement
Applicable launcher
Pig valves,standard, non-standard, temporary devices
Operating time
Dependent on requirement.
4" ECP-170
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6'' ECP (φ159)-270
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6" ECP (φ159)-600
Download TPS
6" ECP (φ168)-270
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8" ECP-340
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12" ECP-470
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16" ECP-700
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22" ECP-860
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28" ECP-900
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